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Rumors Of A New Taylor Swift Romance

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Photo by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

Photo by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

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We’ve heard the rumors ever since they were spotted at the same place on the 4th of July, but are Taylor Swift  and Criminal Minds actor Matthew Gray Gubler really in a relationship? It depends on what magazine you’re reading.

Hollywood Life reported, exclusively, that “mutual attraction has led to some hangouts but they are not exclusive.” 


A source supposedly told the magazine that “she is in it more than he is, and they have distance and different schedules to worry about before they become official. 

It’s no shock this rumor is still being debated. Celebrity gossip reported Perez Hilton started the new romance rumor in July, and it was denied. Then the National Enquirer spread its own version of the story going as far as to call the singer ‘man hungry.’ Just this month, In Touch claimed the singer “picked up” the new man candy on Facebook. All have been proven false.

An actual source tells Gossip Cop that Taylor Swift and Matthew Gray Gubler are not, and never have been an item. So many magazines, so many unknown “sources”, so many details missing. We will have to wait for an official statement from either star on this before we claim what side we are on.

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