Luke Bryan’s Wallet Stolen In Seattle

Luke Bryan put on an amazing show at Watershed 2013, but his feelings toward Seattle might be a little sore at the moment. The singer told our sister station KMLE in Phoenix that a backpack with his ID, cash and credit cards was stolen after he landed in Seattle. Bryan said he set the backpack down before getting on his tour bus to head out to Watershed, then realized it was gone. His other bags got on board safely.

There’s no word on how much cash was in the wallet, but you can be sure the singer won’t really have to resort to pan handling considering his new album Crash My Party just hit stores this week.

Just in case someone is trying to pass themselves off as the hip-shaking country superstar, check their ID and then ask them to sing one of his songs.

You can listen to the audio of his interview with KMLE here.

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