Portland’s Cloverdayle: We Just Love Playing For People

Rachel and Chad Hamar of Cloverdayle talk with KMPS about their Northwest roots, what it's like touring as a married couple and their debut on the Watershed stage.

Cloverdayle has only been an official band since 2008, but the band members have been together a lot longer; Chad and Rachel Hamar just celebrated 14 years of marriage and they consider that to be one of their strengths as a performing duo.

“We know each other very well and we can predict each other’s next move,” said Rachel. The couple admits that formula probably wouldn’t work for everyone, but “for us it’s always clicked and we enjoy working together.”

That collaboration has produced Cloverdayle’s first full-length album called 9 Miles Down A 10 Mile Road. Jason Aldean‘s band produced and played on two of the songs, including the debut single “Like We Were Kids Again.” The passionate songwriters also either wrote or co-wrote each song on the album and they’re not slowing down. They say they already have enough material for a second album.

Chad and Rachel are proud northwesterners. They met in Portland after high school and do most of their writing not in Nashville like you might expect, but in a quiet spot on the Oregon coast, southwest of Portland, where there are no digital distractions. “It’s awesome,” said Chad. “Cell phones don’t work there, and there’s no internet or tv.” The mailing address there, Cloverdale, is the inspiration for the band’s name. “We just added a ‘y’ to make it our own.”

Despite their love of the northwest, Chad and Rachel are relocating to Music City this fall where they’ll continue writing and performing. They call the city their home away from home and are excited to be a part of the creativity there. Some of Rachel’s earliest influences were singer-songwriters like Amy Grant, James Taylor and Carole King.

They also just started a campaign on the crowd-funding website kickstarter to raise money for their first official music video. Their goal is to raise $5,000 by mid-August.

But before all of that, they’re conquering Watershed. “I went to the Gorge as a kid and saw all my heroes grace that stage. To be there is kind of surreal,” said Chad. “We are very excited. It’s one of the most coveted places to play in the country, according to a lot of artists,” added Rachel.

It’s a big step for the quickly rising duo, but they’re keeping it all in perspective. “We just love playing for people,” said Rachel. And as if finishing his wife’s thought: “Put us in front of a country audience and we’re loving it,” said Chad.

-Rachel Ayres, KMPS

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Cloverdayle takes the stage at the Gorge Saturday.  But before you go off readin’ more Watershed goodness, check out how Chad and Rachel did in our “Welcome to the Northwest” Quiz.


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