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It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye

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This is where my girl was… every day before I got home.  Eyes glued to the outside world.  “Where’s Dad”? 

I wish I was as good a person as my dog thought I was.

It happened so quickly.  An emergency trip to the vet on Sunday, an ultra-sound on Monday.  Then we said goodbye on Tuesday. 

I’ll miss my 12 year old Rotweiller, Black Lab mix so much.  I wish my 9 month old son had the chance to grow up with her.  She was so gentle with him from the day he came home from the hospital. 

The hardest part was this morning when I didn’t have my alarm clock, my walking buddy and no one to beg for treats.

Thanks to everyone who called and sent nice messages through Facebook and Twitter.

Goodbye sweet B.  So happy you were a part of our family.  So sad that you’re moving on.

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