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Chicken Wing Shortage? I Cry Fowl!

My heart was palpitating, my throat dry, then came the cold sweats.  What took me to the brink of panic attack?  It was a report from many reputable news sources that the country was in the grip of a national chicken wing shortage brought about by this summer’s drought.

So in the interest of carnivores and game day-ers everywhere… I decided to put on my investigative, big boy pants.

I found, at least locally, the “shortage” to be more hype than right reality.  My local Lynnwood Fred Meyer had bags upon bags of the frozen fowl, much to my delight.  Prices didn’t even seem inflated.  Wish I could say the same for my waistline.

By the way… the secret ingredient to my world famous wing sauce:  Vermont maple syrup.

Just “wingin’” it


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