My Thinkin’ Room

There’s just something about 100 degree water splashin’ at me from multiple angles that makes my brain operate better. At least that’s how I justify a 7 minute and 29 second shower every day. Yes I’ve timed myself.

Does that make me a bad person? Should I be taken behind the wood shed for a weekly beating by a random conservationist?

I remember watching the Sesame Street episode where Oscar The Grouch of all people was teaching Slimey the Worm the benefits of water conservation, but I guess it didn’t take. Recycle? Sure. Turn off a light when I’m not in a room? You got it. I even turn the water off when I’m brushing my teeth. But my power shower is here to stay.

Oh, and I drive a big ‘ol gas guzzlin’ pick-up truck. My bad.

Confessions feel good.


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