Edens Edge Bandmembers Share Advice, And Gifts, From Their Fathers

The three members of Edens Edge have a lot to celebrate this week, having just released their debut album.

But with Father’s Day happening this Sunday, that day has some special meaning for them as well. During an interview with CBS Local, each of the three bandmates explained how they had a special connection with their fathers — and their families as a whole — through music.

Multi-instrumentalist Cherrill Green and lead vocalist Hannah Blaylock each grew up playing music with their families (Hannah’s parents, in fact, played as part of the original incarnation of Edens Edge). And guitar/Dobro player Dean Berner had a strong connection to his father through music as well.

“I’ve noticed over the years watching my dad — he really lives by example. He shows you how to love through his example. One thing he did that really inspired me was to build an instrument for me.” He built Dean a Dobro, and, Dean says, it was “actually the Dobro that I learned on when I joined the band.”

“It’s not only a very personal gift,” he continues, “it’s a gift that inspired me, and allowed me to pursue my love of music in a different way.” That, he says, is something he hopes to one day pass along to his own kids as well–“not only a gift that shows how much I love them, but something that allows them to go further with their passions.”

Hannah is quick to describe how her father was always there for her. “My father always nurtured me and told me how good I was. He’s a musician as well and started the band with us. And he played bass with us until we moved to Nashville. So he’s continually supported my career.”

Another thing she “always appreciated” about him was that “he always took the time to tell me how beautiful he thought I was. He always made sure I knew how much I should value and respect myself. And if anybody didn’t respect me, that I would stick up for myself, because I knew who I was.”

Read more about Edens Edge and their brand-new album.

– Kurt Wolff, CBS Local


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