Johnson & Johnson Wish Upon A Star

KMPS in partnership with Umpqua Bank would like to add YOUR name to the list of people who see a tough situation, and want to help. Johnson & Johnson of the KMPS morning show are looking for people who will take a few minutes and tell us a story of a an individual or family in need of help this holiday season.

Johnson & Johnson’s Wish Upon a Star in partnership with Umpqua Bank can make something special happen in what may seem like an impossible situation. If you know someone who truly needs help, nominate them HERE. Thank you all for making Wish Upon a Star a special part of our holiday celebration. Happy holidays from Umpqua Bank and The New 94-1 KMMPS.

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Wish requests must be made by individuals on behalf of other individuals; an individual cannot self-nominate and organizations, schools, etc. are not eligible.
Wish requests should be in the form of an item or service that is needed, not a request for cash. (For Example: A wheelchair ramp, piano lessons for a chronically ill child, etc)
Wishes should cite the recipient’s need and specific circumstances that make it particularly important for their wish to be met.

  • Tafra Jones

    Hello I know someone that could really use a wish. The doctor told her that she needs to loose weight because her liver isn’t working properly so she would really like a wii with the wii fit so she can do the excersices that is on there. She gets disability and has troubles getting out alot. When she gets her check it goes into the bills and the kids that she doesn’t get anything for her self.

  • Amanda Geary

    I would like to nominate my sister. She is a single mother of 3 little boys 6 years and 15 months twins that have lots of health problem that put them at the doctors alot I really think my sister could use a day of pampering and a tune-up on her car she has not work since the twins were born because they were born 10 weeks early so she gives the boys her all and does nothing for herself.

  • Robyn Geary

    I would like to nominate my friends lacy sharpe she has 2 teenagers and they have no tree for christmas also they do have winter coats as they recently moved up here Texas.

  • Delaine Vanderlinden

    Joshua Thompson, age 27, was hit by a 400 pd tree in the back of the head. He was a logger. He now lives in a group home for brain injured men in Mt. Vernon, wash. Therapy is all he has now other than family, he would like an x-box 360, the therapist says that this would help with his eye hand cordination and memory, I am his mother and I am the only one working with 3 other children, I can’t afford this item, I, we need the help. Please Thank-you my number is 360 708 8663 my name is Delaine

  • Joy Rickard

    My daughter has had a really rough time of things ever since 2005. She has been struggling as a single mom of 4 kids. She is low income and this time of year is always hard for her to get gifts for her kids which are 20, 18, 15, 11. She has been without a car, every car she has had either transmission is bad, lately she has had 4 cars and all for the engine was bad and they had to go to junk yard. The last one is not at junk yard but she bought a 1991 Plymouth Grand Voyager for $500 with our help a little which could not afford it. She drove it home and it had to be parked, then she got it licensed and the day it was licensed the engine went so right now the engine is sitting out then her son was at junk yard getting another engine for it and as they were pulling it out a bolt broke and the engine fell to the ground and cracked head so that engine was no good. So here she sits without a car once again or still. She is wants a good Christmas for her kids and she is going to have to get used stuff online because she doesn’t have a car to go shopping also the fact she only has very little funds after bills to buy gifts for her kids. Please she needs help this year for Christmas. Her kids are older now and she can’t go to any of these programs like Boys & Girls club or Food Bank.

  • sharon futch

    Hi, My name is Sharon Futch. I would likr to Nominate my daughter and her family for make a wish. Her name is Kerrie Soto and she works part time, and her husband works landscape but because of the weather there is not much work right now. They have four children. 18 and 17 yr old boys, and 15 and 14 yr old gilrs. i know they should know and understand that times are tough but they still expect something for christmas. Because of their ages they do not qualify for help through other organizations. Is there anything you can do to help them?

  • Susan Clark

    My best friend Dee Dee Birum is a single mother of two older children she works so hard trying to find work and with her broken back is constantly turned down. She has a teen daughter and a 20 yr old son. She volunteers at her local food bank and is helping her family with babysitting their children and doing what she can to put food on the table. Its just not enough. So if you could do her and her family a blessing and pay her App propane bill or PSE bill or even help her put food in their refrigerator that would be amazing. Thank you. Susan Clark

  • Rollanda Carls

    I would like to nominate my friend Fenow for new clothes for her and her 2 kids. They took me and my twin boys into their home when no one else would ,after my fiance announced abruptly on thanks giving that he no longer loves me and asked me and my boys to leave. She is a true friend and if it werent for her and her childrens kindness we would not have a roof over our heads.Christmast will be light on presents, but the love we have recieved will more then make up for that.

  • Angel Mckinney

    Hello my name is Angel and I would love to nominate my two daughters they live under the same roof. Angelina is employed and Victoria has been looking for work. Angelina has 2 boys and does everything she can to keep food and a roof over not only their heads but that of my other daughter Victoria which also has 1 boy. Sometimes they struggle just to make ends meet. There for I am asking for your help in helping my daughters and Grandsons have at least a small Christmas. Thanks for your time. Sincerely Angel

  • shannon

    my sister inlaw is going through alot she has a 19 year old son a 4 year old daughter and a 3 month old baby girl the father has recently walked on the whole family due to his drug addiction and they have nothing for the hollidays no presents for the kids and the electric bill is over due she has a job interview tmrw in lacey but if she gets the job she needs to pay her out standing electric bill and the kids will have no presents and no tree im not so worried about the 19 year old boy but the baby needs a first christmas and the 4 year old girl needs a christmas as well if there is any thing you guys can do during this hard time it would be so great my sister inlaw has been nonstop calling churches to get presents but there arent alot of funds for presents this year shes a wreck and truley needs help shes a very nice woman and is stressed to the max

    Thanks Shannon Foster

  • Jodie Hall

    I wrote to you yesterday and didnt put the right email address. Regarding Felicia single mother of three. Lost her brother last month in traggic motorcycle accident in Fife. She needs all the help she can get right now. Felicia missed alot of work over the last few weeks. Therefore she is having a hard time making ends meet. Not sure how she is going to pull off Christmas for her children. Please contact me if you can help.

  • Daniel Sova

    I have a family friend that has fallen on hard times. She is woman in her thirties whoes husband left her 3 months ago, she has 3 childern from ages 12 to 16 and had to move out of her rented house because she could not pay the rent. She and her kids now live in a single room in an elderly couple’s house and that arrangment is not working out and I fear that they will be asked to leave soon.

    She works 2 part time jobs but barely make a $1,000 a month between them. She has no family that can help and I fear that they will be liviing out of her car in a couple of months. I also think that her only vehicle is close to being repossed. By the way she is not paid any support from her husband.

    What her and her family truly need is a roof over their heads even if for a short time, say 6 to 12 months and able to live there without fear of being thrown out. I do not know what can be offered but that is why i am wishing on a star. I can be reached by the email address below or on my cell (253) 906-5112

    Thank you

  • Christine Russell

    Merry Christmas everyone. I would like to nominate my husband Steve. He has been a construction superintendent his whole life. Now at age 58 he has put his tools back on and is doing anything and everything to keep us afloat after being laid off a year ago. In addition to that he has helped around the house doing things that I use to do ( housework) without a complaint.I also lost my job 2 years ago and he takes care of me after a diagnosis of congestive heart failer a year ago. He LOVES to fish however he sold his jet sled to pay bills.He never thinks of himself and gives to everyone but himself. I wish he could go on a fishing trip. That would be the best christmas gift I could ever wish for. I also wish he would have something to give to our 3 and 4 year old gransons, thats all he talks about. Happy Holidays to all and thank you for taking the time to read this. Christine Russell

  • Stacy Moore

    I have a Amazing friend her name is Nicole Anderson she is a 27 year old single Mom of two Boys 11 & 4. Last Wednesday (Day b4 Thanksgiving) Nicole was let go from her position of 4 years as a Early Pre-School Teacher :-( In the 3 years since I started at the same Child Care Center I have come to know her & Love her & the Boys SOO VERY much!!! Nicole is a Amazing Mom, Friend, Daughter & Teacher!! In the last year Nicole has had Manu struggles from the loss of her Grandfather, her Grandmother requireing 24/7 care to her mom finding out she has Cancer & has the fight of her life ahead if her :-( through it all Nicole has been a positive up lifting & positive influence to all who surround her!!! Loosing her Job has sent her into a scared & emotional Mom who’s biggest fear is letting down her boys & not being able to full fill her boys needs especially during this holiday season. It is my greatest wish for Nicole to See her Boys get the Christmas they deserve as I know she would not ask for anything for her self but just for those 2 amazing boys!! Please if their is anything you can do to make Nicole smile & take a little stress off this Amazing Mother, Friend & Daughter, I & all of us who love her would be so grateful!!
    God Bless you this Holiday Season!!!
    Stacy Moore
    Orting Wa.

  • Ashley McPherson


    I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing as there are too many people struggling not only during the holiday season but on any other ordinary day as well.

    Along with an abundance of other people I know of a family that would benefit and appreciate any help available this year. This is a family of 4 that includes 1 single mother and 3 children ages 6, 8 and 10. This year has been especially difficult for this family.

    The mother is unemployed and is not able to work at this time. Her only source of income is the child support she receives for her children which is not enough to make ends meet. The mother does her best to provide for her children and is having an especially difficult time now that Christmas is approaching. She has always been able to give her children a nice Christmas and I see the pain on her face as this year she is not able to. I see her worrying about how she is going to pay the bills each month and which ones she is either not going to pay or will be able to pay partial. I see her avoiding her phone calls because she is overwhelmed by bill collectors calling her asking for money that she does not have. I have seen the sadness on her children’s faces when she has to tell them that they are unable to go anywhere because she has no gas in her car or that they cannot afford a movie. That they don’t have the money for book orders from school or any other event that cost money. They don’t understand. She holds back the tears as they continue to ask for things they were once able to have or to do the things they use to do. She tries to hold herself together so they don’t know the struggles she is having. Her usual response to them is that one day they will be able to do these things again. They don’t understand this and she doesn’t want them to know because she does not want them to carry the worry she does. Her children come first before anything else in her life. She is a wonderful mother who loves her children with every inch of her heart. She is one of the most generous persons I have known. She has always done her best to help others in need and still yearns to do this.

    This family has been through many trials. Her soon to be ex husband served 2 tours over seas. The last tour he was on was in Iraq. When he returned home there were many struggles. They tried their best to keep things together but sadly it didn’t work out for them. 2 years ago the mother was forced to quit her job due to an illness and hasn’t had much luck returning to work. After she stopped working she stayed home with her children and babysat children to try and make enough money to pay the bills and be able to remain in their home. She did this a little over a year until her illness became too much and her oldest child began struggling. Her oldest child was diagnosed with bipolar, anxiety and ADHD at the age of 8 after a stay at Children’s Hospital in Seattle. This was after she began to see her child disappear before her eyes. I watched her try to stay strong as his behavior became violent toward her, his brother and sister and himself. It was difficult for her to accept that her child had this diagnosis as she feverishly searched out information and what she could do to help him. In the mean time her other two children became a handful as they were learning behaviors from their brother. She has never given up. She continues to seek out support and is willing to try what she needs to make every situation better even if a little. She is open minded and desperate. After she had to stop watching other children to help support them they were forced to move out of their home. A friend of hers took them in. They are living in a 3 bedroom house with 2 adults and 3 children. The boys share a room and so does her daughter and her. This also seems to break her heart as she feels as if she is a failure to her children since she is not able to provide for them. I know she beats herself up for many reasons including the fact that her 6 year old daughter does not have her own room. That she doesn’t have a space of her own to play and be a child. Her ex husband got out of the military last year and has not found a job since. They lost their medical insurance and were forced to go on state insurance. The problem is that what I have hear her say is the providers her children need to see do not accept state medical. Her oldest has not been able to see his therapist or psychiatrist for I am not sure how long now. I do know it has been too long. She is doing her best to manage the issues on her own. I see her getting more and more exhausted each day. I see her walking around with a smile trying to pretend she is strong and is able to make it while I know she is lost on the inside. I see her worrying about other peoples needs and how they are feeling. This is what she does. She is there for everybody while she has expected nothing in return.

    I know that she applied at the Salvation Army for Christmas help and was not adopted. That was her last hope after many other organizations were full. My wish for her and her children this season is that somebody who is able will help her provide for her children. That her children are able to have a nice Christmas (especially since they still believe in Santa), that she will not feel like such a failure as a mother if her children are able to have a Christmas. That she doesn’t feel so much shame and guilt. My wish for her is that somebody give to her and her children as she has so freely given to many others including myself. My wish is that she can have some peace in her hearts while her children’s are filled with happiness. I know seeing the smiles on her children’s faces Christmas morning will make her happy and she would be forever grateful for any help available to her and her children.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this I truly appreciate it as she would too.


  • taushame

    hi my name is taushame, I am writing this because i have been trying to help my one and only sister for the last five years i have helped her with bills i sold her my home and moved into a rental so her family could have a place to live. right after she moved into my place she had lost her job and her huspand they have struggled for a long time my wish for my sister is to beable to give my two nephews the best christmas ever. I am not asking a miracle but my youngest nephew has been having issues with anger and what i think are trantrums the doctors think he might ashburgers i hope i spelled that right. i dont know what she wants for christmas but i do know what they need, they place i sold them is a single wide mobile it has old metal windows and a few holes in the floor and mold growing on the walls do to the windows and the isalachion i probly spelled that wrong. i am greatfull for what i the chance to help her as much as i have but i can no longer help do to i am a single mom of 3 and unemployed my self i wish for nothing for myself just them my family has givin up on christmas miracles i would love for my sister to get her faith back in others. thank for reading im not so good at this but i thought i would try.

  • Kelly Swaleson

    I would like to nominate Katie and Jason Packard, my daughter and son-in-law. Katie and Jason were married three years ago. Jason is in the Army and set to deploy again in March, and Katie is a dialysis patient with extreme health problems. Jason has three boys from his prior marriage- one of which is severely autistic and one with cleft palette.
    Katie and Jason’s marriage has been full of Katie’s hospitalizations, the Army sending Jason off, dealing with kids with disabilities, and battling finances. They have never had a chance to get away and just have fun. During Jason’s last deployment he suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, so Katie is worried about him leaving again. He worries about leaving Katie because we never know when Katie’s health will deteriorate again. These 2 just need a break. She is doing much better right now, but lives without any kidneys. Going anywhere proves to be expensive because she has to have dialysis three times a week.
    Before they were married, they planned on having a real wedding, but when we received word that Jason’s deployment was moved up they only had time for a very small courthouse ceremony. We had hoped to have a bigger wedding later, but finances wouldn’t allow it.
    If I had a wish for Katie and Jason it would be for them to have a real wedding, then a maybe a trip somewhere like California or Hawaii. I know that would probably be out of the question, but even a small get away would be much appreciated by these two.
    They are an adorable couple and have had to deal with so many trials in their few years together. I am proud of how they cope with each battle before them with dignity and grace.

  • Shawn Crittenden

    I am writing this to help my mother she is 67 yrs old she is on social security which is not much. she has copd is confined to a chair she cant stand up that long as it is to painful and she cant walk because of the breathing it is very difficult to see when she raised 5 kids on her own and did what ever it took to make sure we all had food and clothes. It just breaks my heart that we are not able to help her more she needs a custom bathtub that she can get into without steping up and is able to sit in so she can shower she has not been able to do this for over a yr it is so frustrating for me as a son who cannot help her more but I recently lost my job the company i was with went under and i had to take a job that pays 1/4 of what i use to make and with 4 children myself we had to move into a small house and really down size but this is not about me please can someone help my mother she deserves it so much after all the sacrafices she made for us thank you so much for reading my story and I really hope someone can help merry x-mas and thank you Shawn Crittenden

  • http://N/A Karen Smith

    I am writing to nominate my across the street neighbor, she has had nothing but heartbreak for the last 3 years. She is an amazing woman, who has opened her heart in the best way possible. She and her husband adopted 4 young boys and gave them a permanent home, then 3 years ago her husband was diagnosed with brain cancer and he committed suicide. She stayed strong and put her boys first and got through it, then last december her mother died and that caused another upset for her young sons. Her siblings sold off her mother’s house even though the 2 properties were right next to each other. To top it all off just this last June 21st, one of her sons was on his way down to my house to play with my children and he was struck by a car and killed. Miss Pat just had a hernia surgery and has a $14,000 bill to pay now. I know she can use help, please help her and these boys. They have suffered so much and I would like for something good to come their way. You can reach me at 701-214-7626, my name is Karen Smith.

  • Tiffany

    I know that I am probably not suppose to nominate myself, but I hope that this is the one chance that I will get that it will actually be ok. My name is Tiffany. I just turned 28 on the 2nd of this month. On November 2nd of this year my life was turned upside down. My fiance’ was arrested at my home on charges from years ago, I didn’t even get to hold him one last time before they took him away. November was the worst month of my entire life. On that very same day the transmission in my car went out, leaving me with no way to get back and forth to Everett to go to work. I went from having a two income household to a single income in the the blink of an eye. I have three beautiful stepchildren (all boys) that I can’t afford to buy christmas presents for nor do I have the money to buy a christmas tree, groceries, or pay my power bill. My car is going to be $1200 to fix, we are just hoping that my fiance will be home by Christmas. It is my one wish to be able to provide a nice Christmas for my stepsons and to be able to put a Christmas dinner on my table. Thank you for taking the time to read my submission and have a blessed holiday

  • Ronel Kennedy

    Hello, my name is ronel and Im trying to get help for my granddaughters. My daughter her boyfriend and my 3 grandchildren live in Tacoma, because her boyfriend is in the army. They just had a new baby and are having a lot of car problems. But on top of all that she has heart problems, so it’s hard for her to get stuff done. My 10 year old granddaughter helps out a lot. Her boyfriend is in the process of med boarding so he 2 has medical problems and makes it hard to help around the house. So I would really appreciate any christmas for my granddaughters, they deserve it. Oh also her boyfriend really needs a good quality cane, he’s only 29 and can only afford a cheap on from Walgreens but it makes him feel old. I don’t know if there’s such thing as a hip cane lol

  • Beth Lauderdale

    Saying “Thank you” doesn’t seem like enough. You’ve made my wish come true for my sister and changed her life forever! You guys are AWESOME!! Merry Christmas! Beth Lauderdale

  • Elaine Eads

    My wish is for my 3 1/2 year old grandson, Oliver Wuth. Oliver was born with an unbalanced chromosome translocation: der(2)t(2;9)(q37.1;q34.2). This means in easy terms that in his gene makeup he has a deletion of part on one chromosome 2 and an extra copy of part of one chromosome 9 in his cells. This can cause a multitude of defects and issues for a child including autism, seizures, cardiovascular anomalies, gastrointestinal malformations, and the list goes on. Luckily, Oliver does not have any of the above mentioned ones at this time, although he does have other issues.

    Oliver has developmental delays but is capable of learning. His mind is active and he uses it to figure out how things work and remembers what he is taught. He is a very well behaved little boy, especially for a three year old. He does have central hypotonia, left eye ptosis and poor weight gain. Oliver has gone to therapy since he was an infant. With this and help from his parents and family he has made great strides in rolling over, crawling and walking. He now uses a walker. He wears a patch on his left eye for three hours a day to correct his eye and wears glasses. He goes to speech therapy, swim therapy and physical therapy each week and attends a Special-Ed Pre-K program at Gregory Heights Elementary in Burien. Oliver is very personalble and everyone likes him.

    Oliver very seldom complains. He uses sign language and a few words to communicate with people. As he gets older it is harder to figure out what he is trying to tell you.

    My wish is for an I-pad with the Child Speaks ap. The school has obtained one for him at school and have begun to teach him how to use it for simple daily things they do at school. They have suggested that he get one for home. I would like to buy one myself but have been out of work for over a year and a half and have two other grandchildren living with us. Oliver’s mother is a school teacher but his father is out of work also and has gone back to school. The extra money is just not there. Oliver has one older brother who is 9. The I-pad is something that Oliver can learn to use and be able to communicate with anyone.

    Thank you for considering my wish and have a Merry Christmas.


  • Suzanne Smith

    Hello there. I normally don’t feel comfortable nominating people I know for things like this, especially when hard times have hit so many these days. I think that this is a great idea and I would like to share the story of my cousin.

    My cousin is a single mother who lives with her daughter, my aunt, and her handicapped sister. They have often stuggled with financial hardships, but this last year has been extremely difficult. Just after finding out she was pregnant with her second child, my cousin was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Not knowing what she should do, she held off on treatments until delivery of a wonderful baby girl last May. Her pregnancy was extremely difficult and she was in pain a majority of the time. My cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, but instead of being able to enjoy that special time she had to change her focus onto recovery from a life threatening condition. After undergoing initial treatments, she was told that the cancer was too invasive and that they would need to operate.

    About 6 weeks ago, my cousin (just over 30 years old) had to have a complete hysterectomy. They left her ovaries, for now, until they determine whether the cancer had already spread to cells there too, in which case those will need to be removed as well.

    Throughout these times, my aunt and cousin have rallied around her, helping raise the baby and taking care of my cousin. It is my wish for them that they could receive new winter coats and boots (they live in Spokane, WA) which is well known for pretty harsh winters, and supplies of diapers and formula to help out with the wee one. Thanks so much for your time and consideration. Hope you all have a Happy Holiday season.

  • Ben Edwards

    My name is Ben Edwards I was a plumber for the last eight years but my MS has gotten so bad over the last year I haven’t been able to work. I have a three year old little boy named Elliot he is my best friend but I will have to choose between car insurance and Christmas. I am not used to asking for help so I will just pray for a blessing. Thank you for reading my letter.

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